• Hygiena Microsnap Coliform Bacteria Food Surface Test Swabs(100/Pack)


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  • Rapid Test for Detection and Enumeration of Coliform Bacteria
  • Used in Conjunction with Hygiena MicroSnap Coliform Enrichment Device Swabs, MicroSnap Incubator and EnSURE Food Safety Monitoring Luminometer to Provide Viable Results
  • Ideal for Testing in Crowded Places like Schools, Food Service Facilities, Community Centers and More
  • Results in 6 hours for Enumeration and 8 hours for Presence/Absence (Qualitative)
  • Unable to Ship to Australia, United Kingdom and China
  • Ships on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Only Due to Sensitive Contents
  • As this product is temperature-sensitive, we cannot accept returns once this product leaves our facility. 

The MicroSnap Total Coliform testing device offers fast and accurate screening for the presence of coliform bacteria on products, work surfaces and other environmental sources

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It also comes with a built-in pipette that makes transferring the enriched sample to the detection device more convenient. nbsp It can detect nbsp strong E

It is an effective tool in preventing the spread of nbsp /span strong style font-size medium diseases caused by bacteria /strong span style font-size medium nbsp in our surroundings. /span /p p strong span style font-size medium Additional Resources nbsp /span /strong /p ul li span style font-size medium a https //livewelltesting.com/overview-atp/ target blank Learn All About Biocontamination /a

It is easy to use - featuring a Snap-Valve trade that ensures the exact amount of enrichment broth is used for each test

It offers detection sensitivity for as few as 1-10 nbsp /span strong style font-size medium CFU /strong span style font-size medium . /span /p p em style font-size medium Requires enrichment device and incubator to complete testing. /em /p p strong style font-size medium Coliform Food Safety Testing Benefits /strong /p ul li span style font-size medium Simple 2-step procedure - no need

Results are available for enumeration within 6 hours and for presence/absence within 8 hours. /span /p p span style font-size medium As a bacterial indicator, nbsp strong coliform bacteria /strong nbsp are most commonly used when establishing whether certain foods and/or water products are clean or safe for consumption. nbsp strong Coliform bacteria /strong nbsp are found in soil, in aquatic environments, on vegetation and in human or animal feces. nbsp strong Coliforms /strong nbsp will not normally cause serious illness themselves, but their presence typically

The emitted light is measured in the EnSURE nbsp /span strong style font-size medium luminometer, /strong span style font-size medium nbsp expressed in nbsp /span strong style font-size medium RLU /strong span style font-size medium s relative light units

This device contains a specialized nbsp /span strong style font-size medium substrate /strong span style font-size medium nbsp that reacts by emitting light upon detection of enzymes characteristic of nbsp /span strong style font-size medium coliform /strong span style font-size medium

Coli, Klebsiella, Citrobacter nbsp /strong and strong nbsp Enterobacter /strong

Schools, food service facilities, public health offices, community centers like soup kitchens and youth clubs